Mushroom extravaganza

Today I hiked Cook Mountain with some guests from Connecticut.  Despite the destruction all over the North Country from last week’s Hurricane Irene, the trail and the forest in Ticonderoga were lovely.  We saw mushrooms of nearly every color and shape, and it is amazing to imagine the network below the soil line if the profusion of visible mushrooms is an indication of its extent.  I regret missing the mycology conference in Paul Smiths in August–I’m just not sure which of these beauties is edible!  Mushrooms


  1. Elizabeth,

    Every year I promise myself I will gather more food from the woods, impress my friends with a mushroom stir-fry, and eat the fiddle heads before they spread their “wings” and become the ferns in front on my porch.

    I was hoping you were going to tell me which ‘shrooms would be safe to dine on…

    Next year let’s go for a hike and bring home a mushroom dinner. I’ll count on you to keep us safe!

    Linda Dolly

    • Linda, I’d love to take you out for a mushroom hike. I don’t know that many edibles but the ones I know are delicious. Earlier this week I ate a hen-of-the-woods–not to be confused with a chicken mushroom… Very delicious!



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